A tragedy happens in the first pages of I let you go, then the first part of the novel alternates between two points of view: the main character’s, a sorrowful woman, and the point of view of the detectives looking for a culprit. Immediately, I was drawn in by the story of the woman, who leaves her home and everything else in the aftermath of the tragedy, as she tries to reconstruct herself and her life in a small cottage on the coast of Wales, but, for a while, I was unsure about the part concerning the investigation, since it was dragging on a bit, as very few clues were there for the investigators to make progress.

But around the middle of the book, the reader is given a new information, and the story presents itself from a very different angle. Even the title of the novel takes a whole new meaning as the story progresses. Soon, a third point of view is thrown in the mix, adding a lot of tension to the plot. The narration shifts between these three points of view until the end, the rhythm picks up, and the book becomes difficult to put down.

I really enjoyed this suspense novel, since it begins as something and turns into something else entirely, blowing the reader’s mind in the process. Of course I remain vague, because the less told about the story itself the better. This novel is packed with unexpected twists, and delivers a satisfying conclusion…

A suspenseful and cleverly-plotted first novel that fills the reader’s expectations. Recommended!