Riley MacPherson has lived a lie for most of her life. Her sister, whom she does not remember, committed suicide when she was two. Lisa, the perfect daughter who was a violin prodigy… At least that is what she has believed all her life. But when her father dies, and she goes back to New Bern to sort his belongings, she soon realises that there is more to the story that she has ever been told…

From her angry brother Danny, who was seven when his sister committed suicide and who hasn’t been well ever since he came back from Irak, she does not learn much. He resents Lisa for all that went wrong with the family. But as she meets the Kyles, a couple living in her father’s RV park, or Jeannie, her mother’s best friend who was more to her father than she suspected, the past slowly begins to unfold, threatening Riley’s very foundations.

The narration shifts between the present and the past, focusing in turn on Riley and Lisa. Along with Riley’s present discoveries, we learn what happened to the mysterious Lisa in the years following a terrible event that occurred in the past.

The Silent Sister is a very suspenseful page-turner, with a few twists along the way, that can sometimes be guessed in advanced, but not so that it ruins the reading. The plot is carefully and cleverly crafted.

Probably one the best Diane Chamberlain’s novels that I have read so far (along with Breaking the Silence)