We Were Liars is a young adult novel about a group of teenagers: three cousins, from the Sinclair family, and one of their friends, a young boy invited to spend the summers with them on their private island of the coast of Massachusetts.

The novel is narrated by Cadence Sinclair, an unreliable narrator, as the reader will come to realise. Cadence Sinclair narrates the endless summer days spent with her cousins, and how she fell in love with Gat, the outsider, despite their differences: he’s coming from a modest family, and she is wealthy and blissfully unaware of normal people’s problems.

Then, in the summer when Cadence is fifteen, something happens, involving an accident and a head trauma, and everything changes… The cousins become distant, Gat seems to have fallen out of love, and Cadence is plagued with recurring headaches and memory troubles, rendering her unreliable as a narrator. Step by step, Cadence will remember the truth of what happened that summer, a shattering truth and an awful tragedy.

We were Liars is a enthralling story, with a twist that I saw coming, but then I am no young adult (though I like to read a Y.A. novel once in a while) and have a solid reading experience. I can guess that the ending might really come as a surprise for a younger, less seasoned reader. The atmosphere, somewhere between Pretty Little Liars and V.C. Andrews’s novels, is very intriguing. I would recommend this novel for young readers (in the 13-18 range) without reservation, but with some for older readers, since the writing itself, though quite poetic, lacks a little substance, and as I said, the twist is good but already read or seen before.